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Wholesale Artificial Turf for Soccer Fields

At Turf Outlet, we design, manufacture, and sell wholesale artificial turf products for various purposes, including our artificial grass for soccer fields. Soccer, like any other sport, requires a specialized surface that not only helps ensure the quality of the game but also helps reduce the likelihood of injuries. Our artificial soccer turf can address both of these needs and provide indoor and outdoor soccer fields across the United States with a safer, more durable surface that looks stunning and is optimized for the sport.

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Indoor soccer field with artificial grass

Soccer & Surfacing

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is played by professionals, amateurs, and even children. As a sport, soccer requires a player to harness a variety of skills and training, including running, kicking, sliding, footwork, goaltending, and many more.   

During a soccer match between two opposing teams, there are over 20 people on the field at a time, including referees. With this many people running around, stepping, kicking a soccer ball, and even sliding, it can cause significant wear and tear to the field. This can impact the quality of the game and even create potential trip hazards, which might injure players. 

To avoid instances such as this, many indoor and outdoor soccer fields in the U.S. are switching to artificial turf. Yet, not all synthetic grass products are the same in quality, optimization, and pricing. At Turf Outlet, we provide our customers with high-quality, wholesale artificial grass that is designed and optimized for sports, including soccer. 

Benefits of Our Artificial Soccer Turf

At Turf Outlet, our synthetic soccer turf offers soccer fields, teams, and players several considerable benefits, including:

Safer Surfacing

Soccer can often be a dangerous sport. Players often collide with each other as well as the field. Since soccer players do not wear any form of protective equipment other than shin guards, it is important to provide them with a surface that cushions their impacts with the field.

Thankfully, our artificial soccer turf addresses this need. It is manufactured with extra padding to help absorb impacts, reducing the risk of potential player injuries. It also helps support their near-constant running during games or practice.

Outstanding Durability

Throughout a soccer match, players from both teams run up and down the field. This persistent foot traffic can inevitably affect surfaces like traditional grass, making them irregular. 

Fortunately, at Turf Outlet, our synthetic soccer turf has been designed and manufactured with outstanding durability. This helps our turf resist wear and tear from foot traffic, the weather, and other factors. In doing so, our artificial soccer grass provides a consistent surface for indoor or outdoor soccer fields.

Little Upkeep

Maintaining a soccer field can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, especially if the field is made of traditional grass. The watering, trimming, and treating of traditional grass soccer fields can be a full-time job, especially between matches when players tear up the field. 

Thankfully, our artificial soccer turf can help eliminate the need for near-constant upkeep. Unlike traditional grass, our synthetic grass for soccer fields never needs to be watered, trimmed, or treated with chemicals. This helps make it a more cost-effective alternative for field and facility owners.

Closeup of hole 8 on an indoor putting green

Applications for Our Artificial Grass for Soccer

Artificial soccer grass from Turf Outlet is an advantageous addition to nearly any soccer field in the United States. Some properties and spaces that can benefit from owning our synthetic soccer turf include:

  • Public & private soccer fields
  • Indoor soccer fields & facilities
  • Outdoor soccer fields & facilities
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • College & universities
  • Gyms

Schedule an Artificial Turf Consultation for Your Soccer Field Today!

At Turf Outlet, we help provide soccer fields across the United States with the artificial soccer turf they need to help keep players safer. Our American-made synthetic soccer grass can also help reduce the expenses of owning a soccer field with its little required upkeep and durability. So contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation concerning wholesale artificial turf for your soccer field!