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Multi-Use Turf

Residential and commercial landscaping in the United States is just the beginning when it comes to wholesale, multi-use artificial turf from Turf Outlet. We carry a range of synthetic turf options that can have many innovative uses for your property. With your creativity and our high-quality, American-made artificial grass, the options are almost endless!

Do you need a safer and softer space for children and pets to play? What about an exciting outdoor entertainment space for friends, family, or clients? Turf Outlet offers the ideal artificial turf surfaces to help suit your needs and so much more. However, our wholesale synthetic turf is more than just practical; it is also a stunning sight to behold. Envision a lush, green expanse with rich, colorful blades that stand straight and tall in the sun – full of dimension and texture. With multi-use from Turf Outlet, this level of beauty and function is possible.

Some of the most popular uses for our multi-use artificial turf products include:

Putting Greens

Start living the good life by ordering synthetic turf from Turf Outlet for an indoor or outdoor putting green. Whether you are a home or a business owner, an artificial golf green can bring new energy into your day! With it, you can get in some practice before work every morning or spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends on the green every weekend. Turf Outlet has four incredible options available for putting greens. Our knowledgeable team can help pair you up with an option that fits your needs, aesthetic, and playing style.
Augusta strike patch

Sport & Agility Turf

At Turf Outlet, we offer specialized artificial turf for athletics. Our sport and agility turf is designed to be tremendously strong. As a result, it can withstand heavy use day in and day out while still holding its shape, color, and turf fibers. 

We offer multiple styles of artificial grass for different sports with varying synthetic blade heights and densities. You can even select different colors with our popular Agility Elite turf product. 

By utilizing surfacing from Turf Outlet, you will be giving your athletes a high-performing surface that is weather-resistant and resilient. Our synthetic turf can be installed indoors or outdoors, giving you numerous options to customize your athletic spaces and take your game to the next level.

Playground Turf

Having a safer space for children to play at your home, park, or business is a wonderful way to promote movement and exercise. With specialty playground turf from Turf Outlet, you can give children a non-toxic and thickly padded green surface to play on. Our artificial playground grass can be installed inside or outside and is a very popular option for parks, schools, daycares, and apartment complexes.

Pet & Dog Turf

At Turf Outlet, we love pets! But unfortunately, many yards are not equipped to handle the waste or rough wear and tear they can often bring. Thankfully, with Turf Outlet, we have the solution you have been waiting for! Our multi-use pet turf drains liquids quickly, which helps reduce odors and makes our turf easy to clean. It also is tough enough to resist digging and withstand playing for years. So don’t give up on the dream of owning a pristine lawn just because you have pets when you can order quality pet turf that outperforms natural grass by a landslide!
Turf Outlet is excited to partner with you for your next artificial grass project with our wholesale multi-use artificial turf products. Whether for a residential or commercial property, we have high-quality, American-made synthetic turf at wholesale prices that can fulfill a variety of purposes and applications. Plus, you can save even more by installing our multi-use artificial grass yourself as a DIY project! We have step-by-step instructions and a list of all the tools needed on our website. 

Contact us today to learn more or get a quote for our multi-use artificial turf!