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Wholesale Pricing For Putting Green Artificial Turf

Serious about golf? We are too! At Turf Outlet we have all the latest varieties of synthetic golf putting green surfaces as well as artificial grass for fringe, collar, fairway and tee line applications. Practice anywhere, indoors or out with our artificial golf grass offerings

At Turf Outlet, we provide you with not only the highest quality putting green grass, we also offer the best prices online. We sell directly from our factory to you with no middleman involved, giving you the best price on golf grass which means more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Highest Quality Artificial Golf Grass

At Turf Outlet, we are a top supplier of artificial golf grass in North America and have a reputation to uphold. What makes our golf greens of such superb quality is that we don’t outsource. We directly control the production process ourselves. In other words, we are vested into each step that goes into the making of our artificial golf turf.  We sell directly to our customers, which means we get the benefit of obtaining immediate feedback. This type of constructive feedback allows us to continue implementing smart changes that improve our product.

Improve Your Golf Game & Practice Whenever You Want

If you take your golf game seriously, then you know just how important it is to continually practice your short game. By having our artificial golf greens installed right in your backyard, you can make practicing frequently a reality. You will be literally able to get out of bed, walk out the backdoor, and play. And our golf grass looks and feels just like a professional golf course. This means the practice you do on our golf greens will effectively carry over to your favorite course.

Our Artificial Golf Greens Are Very Simple To Maintain

A fantastic feature of our putting green turf that you’ll love is the easy maintenance. You’ll never need to think about watering it, seeding it, fertilizing it, pulling weeds, adding pesticide, etc. Our golf grass simply doesn’t necessitate any of that. Furthermore, our golf grass is robust enough to withstand dogs trying to dig into it and entire groups of people walking over it each day. This means that wear-and-tear won’t mess up the look of the golf grass. In fact, our golf turf is expected to last for many years.

Comes With Fast Draining Technology

Yet another amazing feature of our golf turf is how quickly it can drain water. While this doesn’t seem important now, this is especially useful after a big storm. While regular grass may be completely deluged and covered with mud after a major storm, our golf turf will simply shrug it off. It can drain water fast, our golf greens won’t be drenched with water, making them comfortable to play on in no time after stormy weather.

Made To Be Dog & Kid Friendly

Golf is a game that’s meant for everyone to enjoy, and our artificial putting greens keep it that way. Their texture is just like that of normal grass, meaning it isn’t irritating or abrasive. It also comes built with cooling technology, meaning it won’t burn your pet’s paws or child’s feet when walking on it. Also, our golf greens are built to be nontoxic and non-allergenic.  Finally, while putting greens while comfortable to play on, they aren’t a comfortable living spot for things like fleas and ticks, which are certainly things you don’t want hanging around you or your pets.

Greens That Always Looks Incredible

You won’t ever have to worry about our artificial golf greens becoming covered with die off, or it being afflicted by some disease. Our golf greens are built to be beautiful and stay beautiful.  They will always have a lovely green color, no matter how often people and pets walk over them. So not only will you be able to enjoy our artificial putting greens by playing golf on them, but you’ll also be able to appreciate their beauty and how they improve the look of your property.

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At Turf Outlet, our manufacturer direct artificial putting greens can be a tremendous benefit to golfers of any skill level. Plus, they can be installed on residential as well as commercial properties. Take advantage of all the benefits they offer and the extra practice you can have by ordering from us at Turf Outlet!

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