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Wholesale Pricing For Synthetic Grass Lawns

Turf Outlet is a one-stop source for wholesale pricing of synthetic grass lawns. Due to the growing desire for artificial turf products, there has been a corresponding increase in the need for resellers and contractors to install the turf. If you’re a reseller, we offer the perfect synthetic products for residential and commercial consumers. Thanks to our highly efficient production techniques and patented technology, we can offer wholesale pricing to all of our resellers and contractors.

About Turf Outlet

As a long-term wholesale provider of artificial grass, Turf Outlet understands the requirements of each installation. That is why we can offer the highest quality materials at wholesale pricing. Our outstanding reputation was created by our ability to supply products that precisely meet your specifications while also expeditiously delivering them to your location.

We stock a wide range of artificial grass products ideal for pet and dog turf, putting greens, agility training, residential lawns, playgrounds, and commercial turf. We also sell various artificial turf accessories, which is very beneficial for DIY enthusiasts. 

So whether you need artificial grass for a home, a company, a playground, a dog run, a retail store, or anything else you can think of, we can help. In addition to our wholesale prices, we also stock a large inventory and provide quick shipping.

Why Turf Outlet Excels Above the Competition

Turf Outlet has a long history of delivering exceptional customer service to retailers and contractors alike. Several of the benefits that our customers have come to expect from our world-class team include the following:

Wholesale Pricing

As a leading wholesale supplier of synthetic turf, we offer highly competitive prices. Our customers benefit from our simple ordering method and extensive inventory, containing everything you’ll need to finish synthetic turf installation. We only carry the highest-quality items and keep them in stock in case you need to replenish your supply.

Outstanding Support

Are you unsure of which turf to buy? We’ll assist you in selecting the most appropriate turf for your requirements and provide you with recommendations on accurate measurements and installation requirements. To distinguish ourselves from our competition, we don’t stop delivering excellent customer service after the sale; instead, we provide ongoing assistance well into the future.

High-Quality Products

Some people believe that good-quality turf comes at a hefty price tag. They’re wrong. As a result of our technological advancements in production, Turf Outlet can provide the most competitive pricing possible. We then pass along these savings to our consumers.

Low Maintenance Turf

When it comes to maintenance, our lawn is a tremendous time-saver. Whether it’s backyard lawns or playground turf, you never have to worry about repetitive maintenance chores such as lawn mowing, watering, weeding, edging, and chemical applications. With our turf, you can reclaim your weekends and spend time doing the things you genuinely love. Regardless of traffic or weather conditions, our turf maintains an astonishingly pristine and visually appealing appearance.


In recent years, environmental conservation has become a hot concern. At Turf Outlet, we begin contributing to ecological conservation right at the manufacturing stage. Our products are manufactured using USDA-certified plant-based components.

Regarding the ecosystem, our turf eliminates the need for toxic chemical compounds present in pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals have been linked to soil, vegetation, marine, and water systems contamination. In addition, replacing your natural grass lawns with artificial turf eliminates lawn equipment, which reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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Turf Outlet has established a reputation for supplying quality, highly customizable synthetic turf at wholesale pricing. Furthermore, our customers continue to benefit from a large inventory, courteous customer service, and a simple ordering method that meets all of their requirements. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation, quote, and free samples.