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Backyard artificial turf install photo with small pool

Wholesale Direct Synthetic Grass & Artificial Putting Greens

As a long-term artificial grass wholesale provider, we understand the needs of each unique installation, including the best quality artificial turf products and the cheapest possible costs. Turf Outlet has years of experience in providing the highest quality wholesale artificial grass at the best prices. We have a large warehouse filled to the brim with all types of artificial grass for your lawn, business, golf course, or synthetic pet grass, dog run or pet track.  Don’t trust the beauty of your lawn to anyone else. Cheap artificial grass is just a phone call away.

It’s not just the products that make Turf Outlet the best choice if you are looking for artificial turf for sale. Our professional salesmen and installers have seen it all. If you have questions about cheap artificial grass and need expert answers or if you’ve purchased it and need installation advice, then our professionals are here to assist you. We will direct you to the perfect artificial turf for your needs.

Direct artificial turf is everything you could ask for in a lawn. Why spend hours on the weekend mowing or hundreds of dollars a year watering your lawn only to find brown spots. Wholesale artificial grass stays green all year long no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. You get to enjoy your weekends and save money. After the initial upfront cost, there’s hardly any maintenance. Outlet synthetic grass is also good for the environment. There are no gas-powered mowers to start, or hazardous chemicals used just to maintain lush grass. With our direct artificial turf, you get the beauty of a green lush lawn without the hassle of maintaining it. It looks and feels like the real thing, so why haven’t you called us yet? We’re waiting to hear from you.

Low Pricing + High Volume Inventory

Our continued success has been built upon our low-priced artificial grass and a high volume inventory, quick shipping and providing the latest in synthetic grass product trends.

Your D.I.Y. Synthetic Grass Partner

Check out our list of Easy ‘Do-It-Yourself’ artificial turf installation steps to help you achieve your DIY home goals.

We understand you’re worried about installing your artificial grass. Artificial grass DIY sounds complex, but it’s easy and we’re here to help from start to finish. DIY fake grass is malleable and easy to work with, so you won’t have a problem with dips or curves in your lawn. DIY artificial grass for dogs is durable, so Fido won’t be able to dig it up. 

Artificial grass installation DIY is simple and gives you a sense of pride when the job is done. Why install your own? It saves you money. The artificial grass DIY price is far lower than if you get it installed by a company. Why not get the best grass in the neighborhood and save money while you are at it?

Artificial Pet Turf Can't Be Beat

Are you tired of man’s best friend ripping holes in the lawn or dragging their muddy paws back into the house? Artificial pet grass keeps your pets safe and is easy to maintain.

Whether it’s a Great Dane or a Weiner dog, they’re not ripping through the turf with their claws. The grass drains fast after even the heaviest downpour, so there are no muddy paws. 

Pet’s paws are sensitive to heat and cold, but the artificial pet turf won’t burn or freeze their paws like natural grass. Pets have their favorite spot to go to the bathroom. With natural grass, everyone knows it because of the dead brown grass. That doesn’t happen with fake pet grass from Turf Outlet.

The grass stays lush and green no matter how many treats your pet ate the day before. Pick up the number two and let Mother Nature or your garden hose wash away number one.

Improve Your Game with Putting Greens

A real putting green is very difficult to maintain, our putting green turf is low maintenance and high fun! Are you tired of driving to the golf course only to wait for a tee time?

Avoid the traffic and the hassle with artificial putting greens from Turf Outlet. Our putting greens are of similar quality to those used in professional golf courses throughout the world. After a long day at work, grab your putter, and spend the night improving your golf game from the comfort of your backyard.

Our helpful and professional staff help you pick out and choose the best artificial putting greens for your backyard and answer any questions you have. If you have hiccups installing your new greens, then call us up, and we will get you moving in the right direction. Also, if you have questions about artificial putting greens, then we have the answers you’re looking for.

Wholesale Commercial Artificial Turf

It’s not just homes that take advantage of artificial turf. Businesses have lawns and storefronts that need costly upkeep. They hire professional lawn maintenance companies with long-term expensive contracts to maintain it, so they can run their business. Don’t sign on the dotted line when you can have a lush green lawn with no maintenance.

It’s perfect for cities and towns looking to beautify their streets and green areas without upkeep. Apartment complexes create rooftop green areas for people to enjoy the weather in a natural setting while in an urban environment. The benefits of wholesale commercial artificial turf are endless. Don’t waste time on upkeep when you have a business to run, an apartment building to manage, or a city to take care of.

Turf Outlet has everything you need to start your dream of a playground, lush lawn, pet track, artificial pet grass, putting green or commercial turf. If you have any questions about the many uses of wholesale artificial turf, then please contact our experts today and enjoy carefree days without lawn maintenance

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As a long-term artificial grass wholesale provider, we understand the needs of each unique installation, including the best quality products and the lowest possible costs.