Wholesale Artificial Grass in New York, NY

Turf Outlet is a well-known supplier of wholesale artificial grass in New York, NY. Our team has provided high-quality artificial turf at highly competitive prices for many years. Our warehouse is well-stocked with synthetic turf products for your residential and commercial use. This includes products for artificial grass putting greens, pet & dog turf, and more. Our selection of quality products is why both residential and commercial clients trust us for premium, wholesale synthetic turf.

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Are You a DIY Synthetic Grass Installer? We’ve Got You Covered

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Or perhaps you operate a landscaping business and provide synthetic grass installation services to your New York customers? Our certified, high-quality, and low-maintenance turf comes with easy instructions. With our wholesale artificial grass, there’s no need to hire a contractor. You can install it yourself!

Why Choose Our Artificial Grass?

High-Quality Turf

If you’re a landscaping consultant, installer, wholesaler, reseller, or contractor, you undoubtedly understand that New York residents are sticklers for quality. After all, one of the primary benefits of transitioning to artificial turf is to aesthetically transform your property. Turf Outlet understands that quality is paramount for you to make a lasting impression on your customers. That’s why we only stock high-quality artificial turf.

Highly Competitive Rates

Turf Outlet is a trusted name in the wholesale artificial grass industry. We understand that landscaping resellers and contractors must strike a balance between high quality and reasonable pricing to be successful. So we offer competitive pricing that helps facilitate your business’ profitability.

Easy Installation

Our wholesale turf is specifically designed to be easy to install. So whether you’re an experienced landscaping contractor or a DIY enthusiast, our synthetic grass products come with easy-to-follow instructions. We also offer support in case you get stuck during any stage of the installation process.

Low Maintenance

One of the most incredible benefits of owning an artificial grass lawn is the low maintenance. At Turf Outlet, all of our wholesale synthetic turf products eliminate the need for lawn mowing, watering, chemical additives, irrigation, and other time-consuming landscaping chores. This frees up time and resources for our customers to enjoy whatever they love doing instead.

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Highly Durable

The durability and resilience of wholesale artificial turf are among the main reasons why New Yorkers are switching to it. Synthetic grass lawns stay green regardless of weather conditions or usage. This makes wholesale turf an ideal choice for commercial and residential customers looking to improve their curb appeal.


Believe it or not, artificial grass is key to environmental conservation. This is primarily because synthetic turf does not require any of the chemical additives or consistent watering that natural grass needs to survive. Natural grass lawns require irrigation and agricultural chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to look their best. Installing artificial grass is a wonderful way to eliminate these concerns.

Additionally, by switching to synthetic turf, your customers can eliminate the need for lawn mowing equipment. Most of this equipment relies on gasoline or diesel, which emits carbon compounds into the environment. Switching to artificial grass eliminates the need for mowers and contributes to lowering carbon emissions.

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Pet & Dog Turf

Wholesale artificial grass is an amazing option for pet & dog turf. Its durability and excellent drainage system help to make your pets safer and keep your backyard clean and mud-free.

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

Playing on a high-quality golf course can make a significant difference to any golfer’s game. However, natural grass golf courses and putting greens can vary in quality and consistency. That’s why golfers often choose synthetic turf from Turf Outlet for their artificial grass putting greens. Our wholesale synthetic turf is durable, easy to maintain, and provides a consistent playing surface.

Need a mini-golf course for your yard? No problem! We can also supply wholesale artificial golfing grass that meets or exceeds industry standards!

Putting green installed by Turf Outlet

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As a leading supplier of wholesale artificial grass in New York, we at Turf Outlet understand the unique requirements that can come with every installation. That is why our team works hard to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. As a result, we have built a strong reputation by routinely delivering high-quality, wholesale artificial turf on time.

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