All Turf Outlet Products are Made in the USA

Playground Turf

Kid-safe artificial grass for residential or commercial applications is the perfect solution to child safety concerns when it comes to outdoor play. Our turf for playgrounds is the preferred choice for school districts and public playgrounds seeking the safest play surface solution available. Significantly safer than traditional mulch, this is the turf you’d want your own kids to play on. Our best-selling Play Select has a thick padded backing that helps absorb the impact should a little one fall. Not just for playgrounds, these turf varieties can be used for a multitude of applications as well, such as restaurant play areas, indoor playgrounds, Doctor’s waiting rooms, and so much more!

Kid Safe

When it comes to playgrounds, safety should always be the top concern. At Turf Outlet, we’ve created our product to be as safe for kids as possible. Its thick padding provides shock absorption qualities that safeguard against potential falls. On top of that, the artificial playground turf is built to be both durable and resilient. This means it is highly resistant to gradual wear and tear from adverse weather conditions. Because of this, it can maintain its condition and level of safety for a long time. While other playground surfaces may change in shape over time or develop holes in them (which could be tripping hazards), that is not the case with our playground turf.

Requires Little To No Maintenance

The fact that our synthetic playground turf requires virtually zero maintenance is something that both residential homeowners and commercial business owners can appreciate. If you’re a homeowner, you want to focus on other things besides mowing your lawn. If you own a business, you want to be focused primarily on your business instead of being distracted by landscaping duties. Our playground turf requires no watering, no mowing, no landscaping, no seeding, and more. Once it is in place, it maintains its look and function for years to come.

Saves Money & Time

The upshot of our artificial playground grass being so low maintenance is that it saves time and money. There’s no need to enter into any landscaping contracts to keep our synthetic playground grass looking its best. It is built to be strong and to last, so it maintains its level of safety and its lovely green look. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you won’t need to fret over brown spots or bald spots appearing on the turf, which is a constant concern when it comes to regular grass. 

Drains Rainwater Fast

After a heavy storm, natural grass tends to become completely drenched. Not only could this compromise safety, but kids playing on it could result in their clothes being covered in water and mud. Because our synthetic playground grass is built to drain rainwater quickly, kids won’t have their clothes and shoes water-soaked. On top of that, safety on the playground is enhanced due to the surface being less wet.

Keeps Harmful Insects Away

A fantastic feature of our synthetic playground grass is how it discourages annoying and even harmful insects from being around. Insects like ticks and fleas prefer normal grass, as that is the habitat they are used to living in. Due to the artificial playground grass not being real, they are discouraged from being around it. This means kids are much less likely to be annoyed by these insects while playing and also less likely to bring any home with them.

Needs No Chemical Treatment

When it comes to regular grass, it may need to be treated often with weed-killers and pesticides. With our playground grass, none of these chemical treatments are necessary. This means kids won’t be at risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals and becoming sick. They’ll be able to play on the turf to their heart’s content.