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Wholesale Artificial Turf by Turf Outlet is the perfect choice for the high desert temperatures of Phoenix, AZ. There are days in Phoenix, Arizona where you can crack an egg on the sidewalk and watch it cook. While this could make a unique breakfast alternative, the intense Arizona heat is extremely detrimental to the health of your sod lawn.

With temperatures topping 100° regularly and hardly any rain to speak of, it makes any traditional lawn a dead, brown layer of sharp brittle grass. What can someone living in Phoenix do to keep their lawn looking great with such outrageous weather?

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Why Us

Budget-friendly clearance artificial grass is the obvious choice for Arizonans. It doesn’t need the constant watering that natural grass needs to stay green and lush. You don’t need to hire lawn maintenance professionals to chemically treat the lawn or mow it just because your new artificial grass lawn won’t keep growing, so it will retain its ‘freshly-mowed grass’ look year round.

Artificial grass is a maintenance-free way to get a beautiful green lawn all year and be the envy of your neighbors. While you’re sipping coffee on your patio in the morning, your neighbors are out with hoses and lawn trimmers in order to get a lawn that looks half as good as the one you have. And yours doesn’t require maintenance! 

Our inexpensive artificial grass looks like the real thing, and ends up saving Phoenix, AZ residents a ton of money.

Turf Outlet Is the Outlet Synthetic Turf King

An investment like wholesale artificial grass is a big decision, and you want to get your turf from the best. Turf Outlet has provided people with high-quality artificial grass for more than a decade. We have a reputation in the industry for our great product and amazing customer service.

Our professional artificial turf experts understand every aspect from choosing the right type of wholesale artificial turf for you. We also can help you learn all the great reasons why artificial grass is the best decision. If you have any questions, we have the answers.

Every blade of artificial grass at Turf Outlet is made in the USA, meaning we are held to the highest manufacturing standards. We sell our artificial grass at the lowest prices available because we stock a high inventory of each kind.

This gives you low prices and fast shipping times including same-day order processing. We want you to have your artificial turf as soon as possible. Our product is durable and takes whatever your pets and Mother Nature throws at it.

Even if your yard endures weeks of high temperatures, a sudden downpour of rain, and high winds, your lawn from Turf Outlet will withstand it and come out on the other side looking flawless.

If you want to learn more about Turf Outlet, then read all about us here.

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Artificial Grass for Lawns

When you look outside your window and see your neighbors mowing the grass and watering their lawns, do they look happy? They’re not singing and dancing like in a movie.

Most of the time lawn care is a chore, but if they want to keep their sod lawn looking good, those labor-intensive processes are necessary. Artificial grass makes for a tremendous low maintenance lawn, and it looks great.

Wholesale artificial turf for your lawn is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require watering or hazardous chemicals. You don’t need a gas-powered lawn mower or trimmer. Turf is pliable enough to work with any landscaping in the front or backyards.

If you’re a business owner and need commercial artificial turf, we’re there for you too. There’s no need to maintain an expensive maintenance contract to keep your lawn green, when you can install artificial turf and have a fantastic, green lawn throughout the year.

Kids and Pets Need Artificial Grass

Pet’s paws are sensitive to the heat, and the hot Phoenix, AZ summers are rough on them. Artificial grass stays cool no matter how hot it gets outside. You don’t have to worry about their paws getting burned.

It’s also highly durable, so dogs can’t dig into it to create dangerous holes or divots. And muddy tracks are a thing of the past because of the great drainage of wholesale artificial turf. No more mud on your lawn, and therefore no muddy paw prints.

Children’s playgrounds are also a great spot for artificial turf. Scrapes and bruises happen on playgrounds but accidents are reduced by way of artificial playground turf. It has an extra layer of cushioning to help with falls. Your child will be better protected and ready to continue their fun.

Residential artificial grass playground installed by turfnow

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Turf Outlet is a leader in wholesale artificial turf because we genuinely care about our customers. To see and feel the turf before buying, we offer free samples. If you need an idea of how much it would cost to provide enough turf for your yard, then we’ll give you a free estimate.

Our Made-in-the-USA product is of the highest quality and our experts are here to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation or take a look at our inventory here.

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