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Wholesale Indoor Putting Greens

High-quality, wholesale artificial golf grass from Turf Outlet is ideal for numerous residential and commercial applications, such as indoor putting greens. These spaces take one of the greatest games of all time indoors, which can be beneficial for various businesses and homes across the United States. Yet, even in this interior setting, quality surfacing is required. Thankfully, at Turf Outlet, our wholesale synthetic putting green turf can be used indoors or outdoors to provide durable, low-maintenance surfacing that is optimized for the game of golf. 

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Quality Artificial Golf Grass From Turf Outlet

At Turf Outlet, we provide our customers, such as homeowners, business owners, and contractors, across the United States of America with manufacturer-direct artificial grass and turf products. One of our most popular synthetic turf products is our artificial golf grass. Unlike living golf greens, our synthetic golf turf requires less upkeep and resists wear and tear. It has also been optimized to mimic the look and feel of traditional golf greens, providing an ideal playing experience. This makes our artificial golf grass an exceptional material for use in residential or commercial indoor putting greens.

Residential & Commercial Applications for Indoor Putting Greens

As an incredibly beneficial surfacing material for golf, our wholesale indoor putting green turf is ideal for various residential and commercial applications across the country, including:

  • Home putting greens
  • Residential basement putting greens
  • Residential basement mini-golf courses
  • Commercial golf facilities
  • Arcades
  • Shopping Malls
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

If your home or business has the space for an indoor putting green, you can order and utilize our wholesale indoor putting green turf to ensure you have one of the best surfaces for golf!

Indoor putting green inside mall

Advantages of Our Artificial Indoor Putting Greens

Whether used for a home’s basement or within a commercial business, our artificial indoor putting greens can provide several advantages for property owners and golfers of any skill level. These advantages include:

Optimized Golf Surfacing

Sadly, there are many golfers who scoff at the idea of artificial golf grass. However, this is often due to a lack of experience with synthetic golf turf, especially high-quality artificial golf grass from Turf Outlet.

Our indoor putting green turf has been designed and manufactured to ensure that it is fully optimized for golf. As such, it mimics the look and feel of traditional golf greens, providing the same golfing experience in addition to its other considerable benefits.

Cleaner, Lower Maintenance Turf

Traditional, living grass is one of the most demanding surfaces, especially when used for putting greens or entire golf courses. It constantly needs to be watered and trimmed to not only remain visually appealing but playable. This can be incredibly costly and time-consuming for home and business owners alike.

Fortunately, our artificial indoor putting greens require little to no maintenance. They do not need to be watered via a hose or sprinkler system or trimmed to remain even and playable. In addition, since they are made from synthetic materials, our artificial putting greens do not generate mud or cause grass stains, making them cleaner for indoor use.

Durable Putting Grass

Another advantage of using our synthetic indoor putting green turf is its innate durability. Sadly, traditional golf greens can easily be subjected to and deformed by missed swings and other forms of wear and tear. This can usually have a large impact on the playability of putting greens or the course in general. Luckily, our indoor artificial putting greens are highly durable. As a result, they resist multiple forms of wear and tear, including club swings, foot traffic, and more. This makes them a longer-lasting surface that is always readily available.

Choose Turf Outlet for Wholesale Indoor Putting Greens!

At Turf Outlet, our wholesale indoor putting green grass is an ideal choice for homes and businesses across the United States. Whether used in a residential basement or a commercial golf facility, our artificial golf greens deliver on quality, playability, durability, and more! So contact us today to learn more with a no-obligation consultation!