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At Turf Outlet, we offer artificial grass for many different applications. From pet and dog turf, to putting greens and agility training, we have a huge selection of artificial grass products. We also sell a wide range of accessories for artificial turf, which is especially useful if you are a DIY (do it yourself) type. So whether you want artificial turf for a home, business, playground, dog run, retail store, or whatever else you can dream up, we can provide you with the turf you need. And if all that wasn’t enough, we offer bargain wholesale pricing on our products.

Artificial Grass Products

At Turf Outlet, we bring you the highest quality artificial grass at prices that are unbeatable. We offer wholesale prices because we sell to you factory direct. We don’t provide our artificial grass to retailers, there is no middle man, so the price isn’t marked up. We offer quality turf at affordable pricing, and if you’re looking for our cheapest options, look no further than our artificial turf clearance page.

We are highly involved in the process of creating our artificial grass from beginning to end. Due to our level of involvement, we can guarantee our product is up to the highest standards.

Apart from the affordability and high quality, there are many other reasons to use Turf Outlet for your next artificial turf project. Let’s walk through a few of them.

Requires Almost Zero Maintenance

A major benefit you’ll enjoy with our artificial turf is that it is extremely easy to maintain. Due to the high quality, it is able to withstand entire crowds walking on it daily. Even during periods of harsh weather, our grass will stand up to both extreme cold and hot climates.

Always Looks Green & Perfectly Manicured

Our artificial grass always looks like it is healthy, lush, green, and well taken care of, making for a beautiful lawn. While a regular lawn needs to be constantly maintained to look healthy, our artificial grass will retain its beauty with very little to no maintenance. Due to the durability, animals and pets can’t dig into it, preventing unattractive holes. Moreover, our synthetic grass drains quickly, water during storms won’t form huge dirt puddles everywhere. That also means if you have dogs, dog urine will drain fast, which means no odor buildup or grass dying. With an artificial grass lawn your lawn will always look amazing and whoever sees it will be impressed.

Safe For Pets & Kids To Play On

The artificial grass we manufacture is so advanced that it feels just like real grass. Kids will enjoy running and playing on it, and your dog won’t even be able to tell the difference when running on our pet turf product. A further benefit is that our synthetic grass won’t leave grass stains on your children or on your pet and your pet won’t be able to dig holes into it. Because your dog won’t be able to dig into it, this means added security for him and less of a chance he digs underneath your fence to escape. Our artificial grass also prevents insects like ticks and fleas. This means the chances of your kids or pets being exposed to fleas and bringing them into your house are much less.

Environmentally Friendly

Another noteworthy feature of our artificial grass is how environmentally friendly it is. Our product is built to be both recyclable and long-lasting, which equals much less waste being created. Furthermore, no chemicals are needed to treat our grass. That means no fertilizers or pesticides, which can escape into the environment and cause problems. Finally, our grass doesn’t need to be watered, it can be incredibly helpful to water conservation efforts.

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At Turf Outlet, we supply wholesale artificial grass to fit a variety of needs for residences and businesses across the United States. Our high-quality wholesale synthetic turf is strikingly lush and green. It is also highly durable and low maintenance! Contact us today for more information or to schedule a no obligation consultation!