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Wholesale Artificial Sports Turf Products

At Turf Outlet, we offer wholesale direct artificial grass and synthetic turf products for a variety of applications in the United States of America, including our many types of artificial sports turf. So whether you are in need of court surfacing for a basketball facility or artificial grass for a football field, we have options to fit your needs – and at wholesale prices! With our top-quality sports turf, you can make the most of all your athletic activities.  

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Soccer being played on artificial grass

Addressing the Need for Quality Sports Surfacing

Sports and athletics are demanding by nature. Because of this, they need quality surfaces that can hold up year after year. Fortunately, the artificial sports turf products from us at Turf Outlet can provide the necessary durability along with so much more!

The benefits of our wholesale artificial sports turf products can include:

  • Immense durability
  • Little maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick drainage
  • Heat reduction
  • A realistic look and feel like natural grass
  • Longer-lasting sports and athletics surfaces
  • Increased safety (due to shock absorbing capabilities)

With our synthetic sports turf products, your sports facilities, gyms, fields, and more can work better to support you and your athletes.

Our Artificial Sports Turf Products

At Turf Outlet, we manufacture and sell numerous artificial sports turf products in order to provide a superior surface for various sports and athletic activities. Our many wholesale synthetic sports turf products include:

Court Flooring

Our sports floor tiles are a helpful way to create softer, more durable surfaces in gyms, weight rooms, and more. Our high-quality court flooring tiles can also be arranged in a variety of ways to help fit your unique athletic space.

Class exercising on artificial grass
Agility pro Artificial grass

Artificial Sports Turf

Standard artificial sports turf from us at Turf Outlet is a versatile surfacing that is ideal for numerous sports and athletics. If you are in need of artificial sports turf without any specializations, this is the turf for you!

Sports Field Turf

Sports fields host a variety of events, activities, and competitions. To help keep up with consistent foot traffic, sports equipment, and more, you can put your trust in our first-rate sports field turf!

Football Turf

Football fields often experience a great deal of wear and tear, especially during football season. Utilizing our synthetic football turf can help ensure your field holds up far longer. It can also help keep football players, cheerleaders, and others safer – since it has shock-absorbing capabilities to help cushion impacts with the surface.

Backyard Sports Fields

Our artificial sports turf is for more than just athletic facilities. If you prefer to train at home, consider installing a backyard sports field utilizing our synthetic sports turf. It is easier to maintain than natural grass and provides numerous cost-saving benefits!

Sports Courts – Basketball

Basketball is usually not considered a rough game – like football or rugby. Yet, basketball is an extremely physical sport. It requires frequent movement, including running and jumping. Our synthetic sports courts can hold up under this kind of pressure and even help provide a softer surface to land on, especially in comparison to wood or concrete.


Agility choice artificial grass

Batting Cages

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States and the world. It is played by millions of athletes who strive to improve their game. One way they do this is by using batting cages. Like many other sports facilities, our artificial sports turf can help improve batting cages, providing them with a consistent surface for baseball players to utilize and enjoy.

Soccer Turf

Although tackling is prohibited in soccer, players often end up colliding with the surface during their matches in one way or another. You can help keep your soccer players safer by installing our synthetic soccer field turf. It can help cushion impacts with the surface and provide a consistent, level surface to play this international favorite.

Health Clubs & Gyms

Gyms, health clubs, training facilities, and more cater to dozens of athletes nearly daily. They also house a variety of sports and athletic equipment, such as weights, treadmills, and more. To ensure your surfaces can withstand constant foot traffic and the use of gym equipment, consider utilizing our durable synthetic sports surfacing products for your health club or gym.

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