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Las Vegas, NV is known for its lawn-killing high heat and dry weather, which is why Turf Outlet is the best choice for high-quality wholesale artificial grass. The Las Vegas strip may seem like it is all lights and concrete, casinos and clubs, and just around the corner are residential homes and businesses just like any other city, but any business or home can benefit from artificial grass as it is great for indoor or outdoor use.

People spend a fortune on maintaining and watering their lawn to keep it lush and green, but why empty your wallet when you can have artificial grass for a low price? At Turf Outlet, you’ll get an amazing lawn that’s green all year long at budget friendly prices.

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Why Us

Las Vegas, NV is notorious for water shortages. Home and business owners spend too much money on watering lawns, not to mention the time and effort it takes to maintain them. In an attempt to keep sod lawns alive many times, lawn care companies are hired to spray chemicals on the lawns, which is bad for the environment.

You don’t have to worry about toxins or intense labor with artificial grass. It’s practically maintenance free. It doesn’t need watering, mowing, or chemicals. By installing turf, you’re improving the environment by not using water, and by not using chemicals that could leach into the water systems. Furthermore, you’re not using gas-powered equipment (which can emit fumes into the atmosphere).

Wholesale artificial turf is the best choice for Las Vegas, NV residents and the popularity of synthetic lawns grows every year.

Turf Outlet Is Your Choice for Artificial Grass

Why pay full price for artificial grass in Las Vegas, NV, when you can get it wholesale and save a considerable amount by choosing Turf Outlet? We’re a leader in wholesale artificial grass and provide many lawns with inexpensive artificial grass that looks amazing all year long.

We’ve got more than a decade of experience in providing high-quality artificial turf at clearance prices. There’s a reason why we’re one of the leading providers of clearance artificial turf throughout Las Vegas, Nevada, and beyond.

Turf Outlet has the lowest prices around because we have a high inventory of artificial grass. When you order from us, we provide same-day order processing and fast shipping. You know you’re getting the best quality product because all our artificial grass is made here in the USA.

Our staff has years of experience in artificial turf, so if you have any questions, they’re available to answer them. We’re one of the leading companies for outlet synthetic turf. Learn more about us and our product offerings by exploring our website!

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Artificial Grass for Lawns

Want to sit on your porch surveying your immaculate lawn while watching the neighbors toil in the high heat just to try to maintain a yard that looks half as good as yours? Why spend thousands on professional landscaping when you can do it all yourself with beautiful inexpensive artificial grass from Turf Outlet?

We provide artificial lawns for both your front and backyards, so say goodbye to exorbitant water bills. And our turf is not just for residential housing either. Commercial businesses need a great looking lawn to draw in customers, so invest in an artificial grass lawn and synthetic turf landscaping that stays looking good, year round. 

Artificial grass is an extraordinary alternative for saving time and money, no matter if you own a business or home. Spend your time building your business and not worrying about your lawn with artificial turf from Turf Outlet.

Kids and Pets Love Artificial Grass

Have you ever seen the results of a child falling on wood chips? It frequently results in scraped knees and bandages, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Keep your kids safer with artificial playground turf. It has extra padding built-in, so when they fall, they’re better protected.

It’s not just kids that artificial grass protects. It maintains a cooler temperature no matter how hot it gets, so your pet’s paws stay cool while running around and playing a game of fetch. Pets like to dig holes in lawns, but they simply cannot in artificial grass lawns due to its durability.

Say goodbye to the days of divots in your yard and uneven patches. Artificial grass also doesn’t have the insect problems associated with natural grass. Your dog or cat can pick up fleas and ticks from traditional sod and bring them into the home, this is not the case with turf. Wholesale artificial grass doesn’t have bug problems.

Faux grass has great built-in drainage, so you never have to worry about muddy paws in your home.

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We understand you want to see the grass before buying, so we want to provide you with free samples. This will give you a chance to compare your existing lawn to your new one. Our expert staff is ready to help you with any questions you may, and we’d love to provide you with an estimate.

Turf Outlet is a leader because of our expertise and our unbeatable prices on the best artificial grass available. It’s 100 percent American-made and looks and feels just like the real thing.

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