All Turf Outlet Products are Made in the USA

Pet & Dog Grass

Turf Outlet offers high-quality pet-friendly artificial grass for your furry friends- no matter how big or small. Our Pet-safe synthetic turf varieties are used at Pet Shelters, Kennels, Pet Day-Care facilities, and homes throughout America. Complete with perforated backing for excellent drainage, our pet turf is the perfect choice for owners who want to give their animals a safe, sanitary, and convenient safe zone for their best friends.

Product Benefits

No Chemical Treatment Needed

Our artificial turf products come with a myriad of benefits. One major advantage of our artificial dog grass is that it never needs chemical treatment. With regular grass that is treated with fertilizers and other chemicals, dogs can potentially ingest. This can cause issues that you just don’t want to encounter with your pets. At Turf Outlet, due to our pet grass products not ever needing treatment with pesticides or fertilizers, you won’t have to worry about your pets being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Extremely Minimal Cost Of Upkeep

Our artificial dog grass products require virtually no maintenance. You’ll never need to concern yourself with hiring a gardener or landscaping company to take care of it. The synthetic pet grass is built to be resilient and able to withstand all sorts of stress and weather conditions. Even if multiple large dogs are trying to dig into our dog grass, it will be able to easily handle this activity without breaking. Powerful storms will also not damage the artificial pet turf, as it is built by us to easily resist all inclement weather conditions. Once our synthetic pet turf is installed, it doesn’t require watering, trimming, or chemical treatments.
Dog relaxing on artificial grass
Just because our synthetic pet turf is artificial doesn’t mean that pets won’t enjoy running and playing on it. At Turf Outlet, we’ve constructed our grass products to have a look and feel that’s just like regular grass. In other words, your furry friend will think he’s on regular grass and won’t even notice a difference! On top of feeling comfortable, our pet grass also comes with heat-dispersing qualities that prevent it from getting too hot, even when exposed to the intense summer sun. So even if dogs are playing on your new Turf Outlet artificial pet grass during the hottest summer months, the turf will keep itself from getting too hot and uncomfortable to be on.

Excellent Draining Ability

Our artificial pet turf comes with incredible draining abilities. Not only is this quick-draining ability great for clearing up dog urine and preventing odors, but it is also amazing for clearing up rainwater after a storm. Having a lawn covered in puddles not only is unsightly, but it also can lead to your dog getting completely drenched, having their paws covered in mud, and then them bringing all of that directly into your house! Because our pet grass drains fast, all of these stressful situations can be avoided entirely.
French bulldog sitting on artificial grass from turf outlet

Discourages pests & Insects From Being Around

While regular grass can be an ideal spot for rodents and potentially harmful insects to live, this isn’t the case with synthetic pet grass. Because synthetic grass isn’t real and doesn’t contain dirt, it doesn’t match the living environment that insects like ticks and fleas are used to. In other words, not only will dog grass limit your dog’s exposure to unpleasant insects that can carry disease, but your dog will then avoid bringing them into your house. So you, your family, and anyone else around will avoid being exposed.