All Turf Outlet Products are Made in the USA

Wholesale Pricing For Landscape Turf

Are you a wholesaler, contractor, or reseller looking for wholesale pricing for landscape turf? At Turf Outlet, we understand that regardless of the nature of your project, you need the highest-quality artificial turf at the most reasonable rates. That’s why our inventory includes the latest trends in synthetic turf products at very competitive rates.

Are You into DIY Projects?

Turf Outlet has also developed an excellent reputation for customizable DIY turf solutions. If you own a landscaping business and want to perform installations for yourself or your clients, we have you covered. 

There’s a general misconception that installing artificial grass is a challenging process. We make this process relatively simple with our years of experience and step-by-step instructions. Your customers will marvel at your expertise and professionalism when you complete their installations in record time.

Why Choose Turf Outlet?

Turf Outlet has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of synthetic grass for over a decade. We are known for our high-quality inventory, fast shipping, and stellar customer service. Below are the reasons why we have continued to maintain our position as one of the most notable wholesale artificial turf suppliers in the industry:

World-Class Support

In addition to high-end artificial turf, landscaping contractors and artificial turf retailers rely on us to provide exceptional customer support. Our relationship with our customers does not end with the purchase. We go a step further and provide additional support that includes product returns, warranty, installation, and ongoing maintenance. If you need any help, simply contact our support team.

Reasonable Pricing

To be successful in the artificial turf industry, landscape customers, suppliers, and contractors must strike a balance between price and quality. Turf Outlet makes it easy to do so. Because we have refined the synthetic fiber manufacturing process and utilize cutting-edge technology, we can offer the highest quality products at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

We can also sell directly to our customers, thus cutting out the middleman. Overall, this ensures that our contractors can pass on the savings to their consumers, thus increasing their overall sales volume and profitability.

Low Maintenance

The trend toward artificial turf isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s a good reason for this: synthetic turf requires less maintenance than genuine grass. Aside from the initial investment, artificial turf does not necessitate regular lawn mowing, watering, seeding, de-weeding, or costly water sprinkler or irrigation systems.

Even better, converting to synthetic turf eliminates the need for costly lawn mowing and gardening equipment – no more expensive lawnmowers, trimmers, shears, edgers, weed whackers, earmuffs, trenchers, and other tools. Customers can also happily avoid spending money on gardening chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Uncompromising Quality

There are several synthetic turf options on the market. Because of this, distributors are under immense pressure to deliver a superior product. Turf Outlet is fully aware of this dynamic. Our manufacturing process is top-notch. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce the most realistic artificial turf in the market. As a result, our surfaces are aesthetically pleasing, soft while remaining sturdy and environmentally friendly.

So whether you want to install pet and dog turf, golf putting greens, playground turf, or artificial grass for residential backyards, our Made in America turf will not disappoint.


Environmental conservation is a priority for landscaping professionals. For eco-friendly synthetic turf, contractors and wholesalers turn to Turf Outlet. Our turf is produced from recyclable, FDA-approved materials. Furthermore, because it does not require gardening or landscaping chemicals to preserve it, it does not contribute to the release of environmental pollutants that are present in pesticides and that pollute water, soil, and vegetation.

If you’re ready to order, our professional team is prepared to assist you. We can help you with all the information you need regarding wholesale pricing, delivery, and installation. Contact us today!