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For over a decade, TurfOutlet.com has been a top supplier of synthetic grass and artificial putting green turf in this rapidly growing industry. Our continued success has been built upon our low pricing, high volume inventory, quick shipping and providing the latest in synthetic grass product trends.

As a long-term artificial grass wholesale provider, we understand the needs of each unique installation, including the best quality products and the lowest possible costs. Our great reputation is dependent on providing products that best meet your needs with quick shipping to your location.

One of our professional representatives is standing by ready to help with your purchase. We will assist you in making the proper turf choice for your needs and advise you on proper measurements and installation requirements for your turf purchase.

From pet mats to indoor and outdoor soccer fields, we have the right products to meet your needs.

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Consumer FAQs

Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

Absolutely! The drainage holes allow the urine to drain through the product to the base. Depending on the amount of rain in your specific area, homeowners may need to hose off these areas to help the drainage process. With dogs, it is also recommended to use a pet-safe, environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner or a vinegar and water solution to keep the area sanitized. Even good old fashion soap and water can do the trick. Please refer to our Care and Maintenance Guide for additional care instructions for pets.

Does synthetic grass get hot in the sun?

Turf can get pretty warm in direct sun, but no hotter than other surfaces like sand, concrete, etc. Typically it’s not too hot to walk on, but you can hose down the turf on very hot days to help cool the surface down quickly.

What is the minimum square footage I can buy?

The minimum begins at 75 square feet, or 5 linear feet. Our rolls of synthetic turf come in 15′ wide rolls, so your order should take linear footage into consideration. 1 linear foot (LF) = 15 square feet (SF).

Is artificial grass easy to install?

Yes and no. It’s more labor intensive than difficult. Please refer to our DIY section for more details and a walk through common installation processes. For installations over 100 square feet, it is recommended to use an artificial grass installation professional.

What does the maintenance cost consist of?

Using synthetic grass virtually eliminates the cost of upkeep. We do however recommend you keep the turf clean by brushing up the fibers with a turf rake on occasion. Keeping your turf free of debris and regular care will keep your grass looking good for years to come.

How is synthetic grass installed?

There are many different types of installation methods depending on the application of your artificial turf. We encourage you to visit our DIY section for more information about installation recommendations.

What goes underneath the turf?

Depending on the geographical area, the amount and type of base material used will be slightly different. The base is a compacted material (i.e. decomposed granite) used as a drainage bed and is typically 3″ – 4″ deep.

Can it be installed on a deck or concrete?

Yes it can. A glue-down process can be used for this type of installation. Please refer to the Accessories section of the site for recommended adhesives.

Where can I get the other materials to install?

We sell many of the other items needed through the TurfOutlet.com site. Please refer to the Accessories page of our site for more information or call us at (866) 833-TURF(8873).

Why is it more to ship to a residential address?

Trucking companies always charge extra when a loading dock isn’t present.

What do I do if I have tree roots sticking up?

There are a couple options if you have a root issue. Most of the time we recommend just building your base higher to cover those protruding areas. We can create very real undulations from a professional installation standpoint, but you can also attempt to create this yourself, although a little trickier than a standard install. If roots are a real problem, we suggest calling a tree expert to let them assist. DO NOT attempt to remove roots yourself as you could potentially kill the tree/plant without knowing the correct procedures.