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Artificial Grass for Dog Runs

At Turf Outlet, we offer a wide variety of wholesale artificial grass products, including our artificial grass for dog runs. By using our specialized synthetic pet & dog turf in your backyard dog run, you can help create a softer, more inviting space for your dog or dogs, or if you own a pet business, you can add our artificial pet turf to multiple dog runs to help maximize comfort for every dog in your care. Yet, comfort is not all our synthetic grass for dog runs can provide! There are several advantages you and your dogs can experience by utilizing the manufacturer direct artificial turf from us at Turf Outlet!

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Dog Runs

Like any other pet, dogs need safe, secure spaces to enjoy themselves. Dog runs help dog owners, doggy daycares, and other pet businesses provide them with indoor and outdoor areas where they can move freely off leash – without having to worry about them running away. Many dog runs are set up outside, so dogs can enjoy the fresh air and do their business without a person having to monitor them. This makes these wonderful inventions a benefit to both dogs and people. However, as fantastic as they are, dog runs can easily be improved upon by placing a high-quality surface underneath them, such as synthetic pet turf.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dog Runs

Adding quality artificial dog grass to your dog run can provide you and your pet or pets with multiple benefits, including the following: 

Durable Surface

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can put a lot of strain on the surfaces they run, play, and even relax on. Fortunately, our artificial pet turf provides a durable surface for dog runs. It can even resist digging! This helps ensure that the surfacing of your dog run lasts, so your dog or dogs can enjoy it as much as possible.

Boxer relaxing on artificial pet grass from turf outlet
Dog laying down on artificial turf

Easy to Clean Grass

Many dog run surfaces like natural grass can be difficult to clean and keep clean. However, our synthetic pet grass for dog runs is simple to clean! All you need to do is apply some nonabrasive soap and water to help eliminate bacteria and then rinse it off. Thankfully, our artificial pet turf quickly drains liquids, making it easy to wash away pet waste and keep your dog run cleaner and more readily available for your furry friends.

Less Maintenance

With artificial grass for your dog run, you can lessen the amount of maintenance dog runs typically require. For example, if you set up your dog run on a natural grass lawn, you have to ensure that the lawn is cared for, which usually includes irrigating, trimming with a mower, and so much more. Sadly, this often creates hours of work for natural grass owners. Fortunately, with artificial dog grass, you can skip mowing, watering, and other lawn maintenance activities and focus on spending time with your pets.

Dog sitting on artificial dog grass from Turf OUtlet

Soft & Inviting Turf

Dogs, especially older dogs, need soft and inviting spaces for their enjoyment, and our artificial pet turf can help provide that for your dog run. The synthetic blades of our pet grass are not only realistic in looks but also in feel.

This helps make our artificial grass incredibly soft and inviting for people and pets to enjoy standing, sitting, or laying on.

Healthier Surface for Dogs

Lastly, our synthetic dog turf can also help make dog runs healthier spaces for dogs and other pets to enjoy. This is due to two significant factors.

First, our artificial grass does not produce any natural grass allergens, which can affect the health and wellbeing of some dogs with grass allergies. Second, because it is synthetic, our artificial turf is inhospitable to pests like fleas and ticks, so they are less likely to be lurking in your dog run’s surfacing, which helps keep your dog healthier.

Treat Your Dog With Our Pet Turf for Dog Runs!

Wholesale artificial pet grass from Turf Outlet is an ideal surfacing option for residential or commercial dog runs across the United States of America. Our synthetic pet turf is durable, easy to clean and maintain, soft, and healthier for dogs of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It is also available from our inventory at wholesale prices! So contact us today to set up a no-obligation consultation or place your order for artificial turf for your dog run!