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Wholesale Backyard Putting Greens

At Turf Outlet, our wholesale artificial golf grass provides an optimized surface for golf installations across the United States, including backyard putting greens. With an artificial backyard putting green, homeowners can have a highly playable, durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing surface for their favorite game that can also double as a space for family fun. Using our wholesale synthetic golf greens for a backyard putting green can change the landscape of your backyard for the better! 

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The Convenience of a Backyard Putting Green

Golf is one of the greatest games to ever exist. Yet, one of the most significant issues it faces is accessibility. For many, golf can only be played or practiced in specialized spaces, facilities, and courses, such as driving ranges, golf clubs, and so on. The availability and convenience of these spaces can have an effect on how often even an avid golfer plays or practices. Thankfully, at Turf Outlet, our artificial golf grass helps provide a solution to the accessibility of the game.  

With our wholesale synthetic golf greens, homeowners can add a putting green to their property – right in their own backyard. In doing so, they gain access to a convenient golf green that is readily available whenever they feel like practicing their short game. No longer will they need to get ready, grab their clubs, and commute to a golf course, club, or facility. Instead, they can simply walk out their backdoor and begin playing before work, after work, on a lunch break, or while entertaining guests during the weekend.

Benefits of Our Artificial Golf Grass

Backyard putting greens can be better than ever with wholesale artificial golf grass from Turf Outlet. Our synthetic golf turf has been carefully designed and manufactured in the United States to provide the ideal surface for the game of golf. As a result, it can provide homeowners with considerable benefits:


Artificial golf turf – unlike our standard artificial grass – has been specially crafted and produced by us at Turf Outlet to provide a highly playable surface for putting, chipping, driving, and more. From this, a backyard putting green that uses our synthetic golf grass will mimic the look and feel of professional golf courses. This provides homeowners with an exceptional golfing experience right in their own backyard.

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Not only does our synthetic golf grass for backyard putting greens possess an ideal surface for golf, but it also possesses enhanced durability, especially when compared to traditional golf grass. Often, standard golf grass will falter under the conditions of the game. In these situations, clubs and footprints can cause traditional grass to become uneven or have divots, which can have a negative impact on a round of golf. Thankfully, our artificial golf turf resists foot traffic and impacts from golf clubs, helping ensure an even surface for ball roll.

Aesthetic Appeal

Residential backyards are spaces for individuals or families to relax and enjoy the outdoors. As such, many homeowners design their backyards to maximize visual appeal and relaxation. Our artificial backyard putting green turf can be an impeccable addition to these spaces, primarily because of the aesthetic appeal our synthetic golf grass has to offer. Unlike traditional grass, our artificial golf turf is always green, lush, and perfectly manicured, making it an inviting addition to nearly any backyard.

Lack of Maintenance Required

Another considerable advantage of our synthetic golf grass for backyard putting greens is the lack of maintenance required in owning it. Typically, traditional grass requires near constant upkeep, especially to make it an ideal surface for golf. This can be costly and time-consuming for homeowners. Fortunately, our artificial golf grass requires little maintenance! So instead of focusing on the right grass blade height or watering, homeowners can simply enjoy their artificial backyard putting green.

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At Turf Outlet, our wholesale artificial golf grass helps provide homeowners across the U.S. with an ideal surfacing solution for backyard putting greens. With our synthetic golf turf, homeowners can own a highly playable, durable, and beautiful backyard putting green that requires minimal maintenance. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about artificial backyard putting greens!