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Wholesale Artificial Pet Turf for Dog Boarding & Daycare

At Turf Outlet, we offer a variety of artificial grass and synthetic turf products to help address the needs of specific populations, including pets with our wholesale artificial pet turf. This specialized synthetic grass is pet-friendly, which makes it ideal for homes as well as pet businesses. Some of the many types of pet-centric businesses that can benefit from owning our wholesale artificial pet grass include the various dog boarding and daycare facilities in communities across the United States.   

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Dog relaxing on artificial grass

The Needs of Pet Businesses 

Pet businesses, such as dog boarding facilities and dog daycares, need quality surfaces designed specifically for dogs and other forms of pets. However, many of these facilities often settle for foam mats, living grass, tile, or even concrete flooring. Sadly, none of these surfaces are ideal for dogs. For example, foam mats and grass can be quickly and easily torn apart by larger dogs, while tile or concrete flooring can be hard and uncomfortable for dogs to enjoy. Fortunately, there is a surface that can fulfill the needs and requirements of pet businesses and pets: wholesale artificial pet grass from Turf Outlet.

Benefits of Wholesale Synthetic Pet Grass for Dog Businesses

By crafting an artificial grass product specifically for pets, our wholesale synthetic pet turf can provide dog daycares and boarding facilities with considerable benefits, including:


Dogs of any age or size need comfortable surfaces to run, play, and relax on. Our artificial pet grass provides them with that and so much more. This is largely because our synthetic pet turf looks and feels just like traditional, living grass. In doing so, it offers the same sort of soft surfacing that most dogs love to enjoy and pet owners want for their furry friends, making it ideal for doggy daycares, boarding facilities, and more!

Boxer relaxing on artificial pet grass from turf outlet
Dog sitting on artificial dog grass from Turf OUtlet

Why Choose Turf Outlet for Artificial Pet Turf?

At Turf Outlet, we are a manufacturer direct supplier of artificial grass and synthetic turf products. We offer a variety of artificial turf products – some of which are specialized for pets, children, golf, athletics, and more. Each of our products are made from quality materials right here in the United States of America. They are also all available at wholesale prices, making them an incredibly cost-effective investment for homes and businesses throughout the country.  


Whether at a home, a daycare, or a boarding business, dogs often have lots of energy that they love to use to run and play. Unfortunately, their paws and the force from them can have a dramatic effect on surfaces like living grass and foam mats, ripping them to pieces. Many dogs also love to dig, which can not only destroy surfaces like natural grass and foam mats but create a mess for pet business employees to clean. Fortunately, our wholesale synthetic pet turf is highly durable. As a result, it resists many forms of wear and tear, including digging, foot and paw traffic, and more! This gives pet businesses surfaces they can rely on for years to come.

Easy to Clean

One of the most crucial concerns for pet businesses like dog daycares and boarding facilities is cleanliness. Dogs need clean spaces to enjoy. Yet, many dogs are trained to relieve themselves on grass surfaces, which can often present an issue for maintaining clean surfaces. Thankfully, our artificial pet turf addresses this issue with its quick drainage. From this, our synthetic pet grass can quickly and easily be cleaned with some mild soap and spraying water from a hose. Afterward, the turf is cleaner and more readily available for dogs to enjoy.

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Wholesale artificial pet grass from Turf Outlet is an advantageous surfacing solution for dog daycares and boarding facilities across the United States. This specialized synthetic turf provides benefits for dogs and the businesses themselves. For pets, it is a soft, inviting surface to enjoy. For pet businesses, our artificial pet turf is durable and easy to clean, making it long-lasting and healthier for people and pets alike.

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