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Artificial Turf for Batting Cages

At Turf Outlet, we offer a wide variety of artificial turf products for homes, businesses, and athletic facilities, including batting cages. Our manufacturer-direct agility turf provides an ideal surface for numerous types of athletic training and competition. It can be utilized for gyms, indoor running tracks, weight rooms, and even batting cages. As a durable, low-maintenance, and realistic grass-like surface, our artificial turf is an exceptional addition to nearly any commercial or even residential batting cage.

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Soccer being played on artificial grass

Batting Cages

Baseball is and likely always will be America’s favorite pastime. It’s a sport rooted in decades of history, excellence, family, and of course, fun. Although there are many aspects to the game itself, one of the most essential is batting. This part of the sport consists of hitting a baseball with a baseball bat. Not only is this part of the sport fun for players of any skill level, but it is also crucial for professionals to master. To enjoy batting or practice it, baseball players of all ages and skill levels rely on batting cages.

Batting cages are exactly what the name implies. A cage where a player can do some batting. These cages consist of some sort of protective barriers to keep baseballs from flying all over as well as a pitching machine, which mechanical projects baseballs for players to hit. These spaces are incredibly helpful when it comes to practicing batting as well as fun for baseball lovers to enjoy. However, they can easily be improved by adding artificial turf for their surfacing.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Batting Cages

Specialized synthetic agility turf from us at Turf Outlet can help improve and benefit batting cages because it is durable, low maintenance, and looks and feels like living grass.


When it comes to sports or athletics of any kind, one of the most essential elements required is a durable surface to train or compete on. Most batting cages can experience their fair share of wear and tear. From foot traffic to baseballs and potential baseball bats flying around, batting cages need a durable surface that will hold up over time. Fortunately, our artificial agility turf is one of the most durable surfacing solutions we have available. It is able to stand up to all kinds of athletics and even athletics equipment, making it remarkably resilient.

Agility pro Artificial grass
Practice cones laid out on artificial turf

Low Maintenance

In areas where baseball is especially popular, batting cages need to be ready for use more often than not. One of the best ways to help ensure your batting cages are ready for use is to install a low-maintenance surface, such as our synthetic agility turf. Unlike many other surfaces, our agility turf requires no maintenance to look and feel its best. They only upkeep our turf requires is an occasional cleaning – much like any other surface.

Look & Feel of Living Grass

At Turf Outlet, we offer three types of agility turf: Agility Choice, Agility Pro, and Agility Elite. Each of our agility turf options provides the feel and support necessary for training or competing athletically on artificial grass. They also all replicate the look of natural grass. However, our top-of-the-line Agility Elite turf can be customized with multiple color options, ranging from traditional green to red, blue, white, and more. As a result, our customers can receive unique artificial turf for their batting cages that can be a better match for their team or even their branding.

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Artificial agility turf from Turf Outlet is an ideal surfacing solution for batting cages across the United States of America. Our manufacturer direct synthetic agility turf is highly durable, low maintenance, and looks and feels like living grass. Yet, this is not the only benefit of choosing us as your artificial turf provider. At Turf Outlet, we offer all of our synthetic grass and turf products at wholesale prices, helping you secure a great deal for your batting cages’ surfacing.

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