Before choosing used artificial grass for your landscaping, consider working with Turf Outlet on this important investment. While it can be tempting to take cost-reducing measures when investing in a new lawn or landscaping, cutting corners often does not pay off in the end, especially when it comes to used artificial turf. When you purchase used artificial turf, you usually have no idea how old it is or how much foot traffic it has endured. In addition, you may be unable to determine where or how it was made, which are significant factors in determining turf quality. Fortunately, with Turf Outlet, you can receive wholesale prices on brand new artificial grass that is not only stunning but far less likely to have problems that are common with used synthetic grass.

Working with us at Turf Outlet gives you an elevated experience from beginning to end. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and our excellent artificial grass is made right here in the United States under strict quality control guidelines. It is ultra-realistic, highly durable, and competitively priced, which begs the question: do you really want to gamble with used artificial grass when new turf from Turf Outlet is so affordable and reliable?

At Turf Outlet, we have a wide variety of superior synthetic turf products to help suit nearly any type of project. Take a look at some of our artificial grass products:

With our new, wholesale artificial grass and specialized turf, you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality product that will not only look phenomenal but will stand up to the test time.

Residential Install of Artificial Grass

New DIY Grass

Used artificial turf is typically considered valuable because of its affordability, but it is almost always not worth purchasing, especially over new synthetic grass. However, if you are looking to reduce costs while still enjoying all the benefits of new artificial turf, then consider installing it yourself!

Whether it is for a gorgeous front yard or backyard landscape, a playground, or a putting green, Turf Outlet has your back! Our website provides easy-to-follow instructions along with a list of tools needed for DIY installation. Our skilled staff is also available to answer your questions and help troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter during the installation process. We are happy to help walk you through the five easy steps to installing your new artificial grass. Ultimately, DIY installation helps reduce the cost of investing in synthetic turf without sacrificing turf quality.

Clearance Turf

If affordability is a priority for your artificial turf, our team also offers several clearance turf options. This synthetic grass is new and never used. However, it does have slight imperfections, which is why we sell it at clearance prices, starting at $0.99 per square foot. Imperfections with our clearance turf can include coloring inconsistency or inaccuracy, creases, and other minor issues. Contact us to learn more about the clearance options we have available and their slight imperfections!

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At Turf Outlet, we supply residential and commercial clients in the United States with new, reliable artificial grass – not unpredictable used artificial turf. Our superior synthetic turf products are ultra-realistic, durable, and easy to install! They are also available in specialized configurations, including landscaping turf, playground turf, pet grass, and putting greens. Contact us today to learn more or get a quote on one or more of our remarkable wholesale artificial grass products!