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Wholesale Residential Artificial Grass

At Turf Outlet, we supply contractors, landscapers, turf installers and resellers, and DIY homeowners in the United States with wholesale residential artificial grass. Our quality synthetic turf products are made in America and are ideal for installation on residential properties throughout the country. With our artificial turf, homeowners can have lawns and landscaping that are always lush and green without a need for almost nonstop maintenance. Plus, our synthetic grass is actually safer for children and pets! As such, our residential artificial turf is practically an unbeatable surfacing option for homes and homeowners.

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Artificial Grass for Home Lawns, Landscaping & Backyards

Homes across the United States are often surrounded by dedicated spaces for grass or some other form of landscaping. Whether it’s a front lawn, a backyard, or a massive landscape covering a significant portion of the property, traditional grass has been a popular choice for these surfaces for decades. However, this trend is quickly changing as more and more homeowners opt for artificial grass. Unlike traditional grass, synthetic turf requires little upkeep and provides a more consistent visual appeal, making it a more affordable and rewarding surfacing solution for lawns, landscaping, and backyards alike.

Benefits of Residential Artificial Turf

At Turf Outlet, our artificial grass can provide residential properties in different areas throughout the United States with several significant benefits, including:

Consistent Green Beauty

When compared to conventional grass, our realistic residential artificial grass is the clear winner when it comes to looks – and many other categories. Sadly, traditional grass surfaces can easily be affected by lack of maintenance, too much sunlight, foot traffic, wear and tear from sports or lawn games, and so much more. Even the change of the seasons can turn a once green lawn into a spiky, brown patch.

Thankfully, our synthetic grass never changes and becomes ugly and brown. Our artificial turf provides homes with a consistently lush, green, and perfectly trimmed surface all year round – even after a snowfall in the winter. This makes our wholesale artificial grass the evergreen surfacing solution that homeowners desire.

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Low Maintenance

Another advantage our synthetic turf holds over traditional grass lawns and landscaping is the lack of upkeep it requires. In most cases, conventional grass needs to be watered by a sprinkler system multiple times a week, frequently trimmed with a mower and other devices, and even treated with chemicals. These forms of maintenance are not only time-consuming but costly as well. Fortunately, our artificial grass lacks the need to be watered, trimmed, and chemically treated. Instead, homeowners can spend their time admiring and enjoying their synthetic lawns or landscaping.


At Turf Outlet, our residential artificial turf products are impressively durable. The synthetic nature of our products helps them to resist a variety of weathering factors. This includes high volumes of foot traffic, wear and tear from sports, wear and tear from lawn games and activities, and the effects of the weather, such as sunlight, rain, wind, and more. Typically, these factors can leave a traditional lawn looking far less than ideal. But with synthetic grass, these weathering factors are no problem at all, allowing it to provide an ideal, green appearance throughout its long life.

Safer for Children & Pets

Artificial grass surfaces are safer for children, pets, and anyone else who enjoys them. At Turf Outlet, we offer specialized synthetic playground turf and pet turf surfaces that specifically address the needs of children and pets. Yet, even our more general artificial grass products are safer for these populations. This is because artificial grass provides a soft, padded surface that resists wear and tear. In doing so, it can be enjoyed by children or pets without becoming uneven or exposing a harder surface below. Plus, with artificial turf, there are no grass stains or mud!

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Why Choose Turf Outlet for Wholesale Synthetic Turf?

At Turf Outlet, we not only offer general contractors, landscapers, turf installers and resellers, and DIY enthusiasts some of the best wholesale artificial turf on the market, but we also offer a high volume inventory, estimates, free samples, quick shipping, and friendly customer service. By working with us, our clients gain access to a wide selection of synthetic grass products – all available at wholesale prices. And with our high-volume inventory, we can have the turf products you need sent out quickly, helping you finish your projects sooner rather than later. With our quality artificial grass, you can impress your customers and expand your artificial turf design and installation business.

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Residential artificial grass from Turf Outlet provides homes across the U.S. with beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance lawns and landscaping. Whether for a front yard, backyard, or a landscape surrounding the entire property, our wholesale artificial grass products can help make a residential property’s surfacing more stunningly green and easier to take care of than ever! Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about all our residential artificial grass has to offer!