Golfing is one of the few sports that someone can play regardless of age. Not many people after a certain threshold can shoot a basketball, throw a football, or hit a baseball. But golf is one of those sports that virtually any age bracket can excel in. Maybe you are already a golfer who wants to work on a certain aspect of your game. Or maybe you are fairly new to the sport and would like to craft and hone your skills at home.


Well, regardless of your skill level or age, we have the perfect turf for you. TurfOutlet has 10 different golfing turfs in stock, as well as a putting kit for those who want to work on their short game. Our most popular golf turf is our Augusta Prima, which is a putting green that is lightweight and durable. We also provide turfs such as the Practice Chip and the Augusta Strike to help improve other parts of your game.


TurfOutlet is here and ready to provide you with turf that will help you improve a game you can play for the rest of your life.


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