At Turf Outlet, we offer a wide selection of wholesale synthetic grass products, including several specialized options, but unlike other surfaces, our multi-use artificial turf products can fulfill a variety of needs for different purposes and populations. This is one of the primary reasons homes and businesses across the United States are seeking to switch to synthetic grass. Unlike traditional grass or other landscaping surfaces, multi-use artificial turf fulfills nearly all lawn and landscaping needs, which makes it ideal for sports, children, pets, and more!

Benefits of Multi-Use Artificial Grass

Multi-use artificial grass from Turf Outlet is available to Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts contractors, landscapers, turf resellers, and other turf installers. Our wholesale multi-use synthetic turf benefits them as well as their customers whose homes and businesses our turf is installed on. This makes our multi-use artificial turf a win-win for resellers, installers, and eventual owners!

Some of the many benefits that make our artificial turf multi-use and impress home and business owners include:


To be any sort of multi-use surface, that surface must be durable. Thankfully, at Turf Outlet, each of our synthetic turf products is manufactured to be highly durable. We design and produce them to withstand several types of wear and tear, which includes foot traffic, sports, lawn games and activities, fading from the Sun, and more.

By making our artificial turf products incredibly durable, they are able to be utilized for multiple purposes as residential lawns, commercial landscaping, and other types of installations. As a result, our multi-use synthetic grass can be enjoyed in many different ways by many different people.

Artificial Grass backyard

Low Maintenance

Not only are our wholesale artificial grass products durable, but they are also low-maintenance. Typically, lawn maintenance, such as mowing, chemically treating, watering, and others, can cause traditional grass surfaces to be unusable – at least for certain periods of time. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way! With our multi-use synthetic grass, home and business owners can save time and money on maintenance by having little to no upkeep to do. Plus, with little to no need for maintenance, our multi-use artificial turf is ready to be enjoyed at nearly any time!

Ultra-Realistic Look & Feel

At Turf Outlet, our many artificial turf products are ultra-realistic. This means that they look and feel just like conventional grass, which makes them more visually appealing and inviting for numerous lawn activities like picnics, games, and so on. Plus, this ultra-real look allows them to blend in with other greenery like plants and trees, which helps make switching to our multi-use synthetic grass more favorable for home and business owners.

Applications for Multi-Use Synthetic Turf

Our multi-use synthetic turf is amazing because it can be used for dozens upon dozens of purposes. Even if it is installed for a specific purpose, it can still be used for other purposes thanks to its durability, little upkeep, and realistic softness. In doing so, there are so many applications for multi-use artificial grass from Turf Outlet. Some of the many include:

Why Choose Turf Outlet for Multi-Use Artificial Turf?

Across the United States, there are multiple options for artificial grass products. However, none are quite like Turf Outlet. At Turf Outlet, we offer manufacturer direct, multi-use artificial turf. By ordering it directly from us as the producer, our clients gain access to several types of synthetic grass as well as wholesale pricing. We also provide our clients with free estimates, free samples, and quick turnaround to help get our artificial turf where you need it as fast as possible.

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At Turf Outlet, our many multi-use artificial turf products provide homes, businesses, and other types of properties in the U.S. with small or vast green spaces that can be enjoyed in several ways. The durability, lack of maintenance, and realistic look and feel of our synthetic grass products are what make this possible. As a result, homes, businesses, parks, schools, and others can utilize our multi-use artificial grass for sports, relaxation, games, and so much more.

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